There’s a nap for that.

(Say it out loud; you’ll probably get the joke, if you hadn’t already.)

I’ve been taking weekly solo artist dates for the past fifteen years, ever since I first stumbled across Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, a book that has had as powerful an impact on my life as anything I’ve ever read. For a couple of hours every week, I take myself off on a festive solo adventure. I’ve scarcely ever missed a week; on those rare occasions when I have, whether it was a case of “oh, drat, I just really don’t have time” or “hang on — did I take my artist date this week?!” I have always viewed that omission as a giant red flag, a sign of self-abuse. Mind you, sometimes I do get into ruts with my artist dates, opting for the same things week after week — but hey, long-term relationships can be like that.

Yesterday, I had an unusual early morning appointment well off my usual beaten path. The drive along unfamiliar terrain, through a beautiful autumn-dappled state forest, had me feeling very peaceful, happily steeped in solitude. After my appointment, I went to a bookstore for my artist date, where I settled into a leather club chair, laden with magazines. At length, with an issue of Somerset Studio’s Art Journaling splayed open in my lap…I fell asleep.

Oh, it was lovely!

I love naps. I love that level of sleep in which I know that I’m sleeping. Time stretches and shifts; ten minutes can sometimes be as restful as ten hours. The everyday becomes numinous.

It’s such a simple gift to give myself. All I have to do is stop, just be still, just be, just for a little while.

A waste of precious artist date time? Not in the least.

Winter’s on its way. Time, I believe, for me to start taking more naps.


3 responses to “There’s a nap for that.

  1. I love this post. Because the title is funny, and because I love ‘The Artist’s Way’ and because I love naps. Oh, and because it’s a wonderful piece of writing!

    I found you through Twitter (and Emma Newman) by the way. And I’m now subscribing.

  2. Thanks, Caroline, and welcome! Are you the Caroline of the wonderful Siamese cats?

  3. Hello again! I am that Caroline. Of Life with Siamese Cats and slave to my seal point, Bandit (the Bold).

    Just wanted to say that, I too, love ‘artist dates’ – mine generally take the form of swimming, or walks, or visiting beautiful gardens, or bookstores. The idea of a bookstore AND a nap sounds like very heaven!

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