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The road to hell is paved with good intentions?

Well, yes and no.

In my experience, setting an intention is a way of bringing a thing into focus. When I focus on something, I am inviting it to be present with me. If I lose that focus, I lose the intention, and the presence slips away.

So, I don’t think all those intentions on the road to hell are paving stones, necessarily; I think they just fell by the wayside, and can always be retrieved.

It was my intention that this post should make sense to someone besides myself. I wonder if it does.


All you need is love. Thank goodness for that.

I’m tired. Today has been a long day, and although it really hasn’t been a bad one at all, it has ended rather shakily. I’m feeling disappointed, distressed, drained. I have the nagging feeling that I have let myself down.

At times like these, I find it helpful to focus on the essentials. One of mine is love.

I love the person sitting beside me right now. I love the people sleeping upstairs.

I love myself. I love my life.

The way I see it, love may often be experienced as a feeling, but ultimately, love is a choice. At its best, it’s more of a verb than a noun. It’s an action word.

I can feel sad, I can feel angry, I can feel afraid, and at the same time, I can choose love.

It may not fix my troubles, but it does make them easier to bear.

The wilderness within

I think perhaps I know one of the reasons we’re so attracted to wild, natural places — oceans, forests, mountains.

It’s because of the wild places in our own heads.

I have learned, over the years, how to bend to the expectations of civilization, not only on the grand scale — that’s pretty abstract, really — but in day-to-day life with family, work, friends, community. I go to work, even when I don’t feel like it. I pitch in with the housework, because it’s my responsibility, and it’s only fair. I follow my daily routines, as they cut their ever-deepening grooves into my psyche.

Towns, highways, corporations — they’re all like that, too. There are rules and expectations to be observed. Keep off the grass; stay on the sidewalk. Don’t block traffic.

And then there are those places that haven’t been tamed. Ocean waves crashing on the shore. Overgrown places, teeming with life. Lonely places, off the beaten track, so silent they take your breath away.

The part of me that is still untamed is drawn to these places, but the tame part of me is drawn there as well — to the places where simply being is enough.

Seeing the beauty of such places reminds me that there must be also be beauty in my own inner wilderness. Remembering this, I am at peace.

Self-Evidence + Authenticity: A blog challenge from Dian Reid

This is such a great idea, I’ve decided to jump on it before I have the chance to change my mind:

Dian Reid, whose splendid blog can be found at, has issued a challenge for the month of June. She is inviting people to write as much or as little as they choose about any or all of these thirteen topics:


Details on the challenge can be found here, but this was the bit that captivated me: …I’m engaging my community (that’s you!) because these thirteen topics can change the world. They can change the world, but not just if I write about them, only if we write about them.

So, I’m starting right here and now, rather hastily and sloppily, and I’m beginning (appropriately enough) with Authenticity.

I remember when I first discovered Sarah Ban Breathnach’s book, Simple Abundance, which centered so much on the idea of the Authentic Self. I was hooked on the concept at once. At around the same time, I was working through the exercises in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, which turned out to be one of the most life-changing books I ever read.

Too many times over the years, I have allowed myself to be invisible. From a very early age, I was good at it. There is safety in being invisible, sometimes — and yet, as my hero Havi Brooks gently suggests, there is also safety in visibility. Besides, if I want to be an artist — if I want to express myself — then I need to have a self to express. I need to step out of the shadows, and share more of myself with more of the people around me.

I’ve been working on it, over the years. Blogging is a part of that.

This is me. *waves* Hi!

Let’s get to know each other.