If this were an actual post…

…It would actually say something.

I’d probably tell you that for the last month or so, I’ve been putting my metaphorical house in order, taking care of assorted tasks and projects that had been shoved under the equally metaphorical rug while I was grappling with the doctoral dragon.

I’d tell you that I long to spend more time with you here, and that I will, and that this post — if it were a post — is a step in that direction.

I might begin reflecting about the things I’ve done and the ways I’ve changed over the past year, because now that it’s autumn, those kinds of reflections are beginning to surface, and I want to bring them out where I can see them and honor them.

I’d probably even tell you what I’m planning to do this weekend.

But this isn’t a post, exactly. It’s a placeholder. This is me, planting my flag, to say that I was here, and I am here, and I will be here.

It’s a promise.

And, perhaps most of all, it’s a quick hug for September 2011, so that I won’t have gone a whole month without posting.

Hello, September. And farewell.

I’m looking forward to October.


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