Friday Fragments…Five? Yeah, I think that’s right.

It must be right, because I’ve had painfully cutesy nicknames for this entry in my head for weeks — things like “Five For Fighting”, “Five Easy Pieces”, or “Golden Rings Edition”. If you like, you can imagine Dave Brubeck’s “Take Five” as a soundtrack while you read this post. Unless that particular piece of music drives you crazy, in which case it’s probably already too late, and I’m really sorry.

The nice thing about the Fragments posts, for me, is that I’ve successfully convinced myself that they don’t need to be about anything in particular. If I hit a wall on one topic, I can just bounce over to another, without preamble or fanfare. No big.

The heat this week has been miserable, and makes me wonder why I’m not swimming every day. My home has air conditioning, my car has air conditioning, but the place where I work three days a week is a historic (read: old) building, and only partially air conditioned. To make up for this, and to help everyone keep cool, free snow cones are served daily, available to everyone. Very festive, and certainly comforting.

We went swimming in the Potomac yesterday — not in Harper’s Ferry, where the current is stronger and the water is deeper, but in Shepherdstown. I’d never been to the river access area there before. There were a few people fishing, a few people cooling off in the water, and one or two just relaxing by the water in their lawn chairs. It was very peaceful, and the water felt good, but I was reminded what a tenderfoot I’ve become. I did not like walking on the rocks. I’ve just about decided to get myself some of those waterproof shoes that are made for outdoor water sports. Any recommendations?

I really do want to spend more time in the water. We took a trip to the Outer Banks a couple of weeks ago, and it was just too short. I wish we could have turned the long weekend into a week or two, or even a month. A month! That would have been long enough to really have adventures.

I’m trying to remember that I’m having adventures right here, right now, day by day.

I am dreaming…

…of recording and selling my own CDs.

…of being finished with my PhD program. One way or the other. Done.

…of working from home, writing and composing and performing and seeing a few clients in my studio, maybe with a few gigs away from home, but not as much as now.

…of having enough money to not feel afraid.

…of spontaneity. Of grooves, but not ruts. As Christine Lavin once said, there’s a very fine line between a groove and a rut.

What are you dreaming of today?

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