Friday Fragments II: Electric Boogaloo

Just a few quick thoughts today.

Blog weekly. Tweet daily.

I think I’m going to treat that as my minimum social media RDA. More is just fine, but if I do less than that, I start to feel very isolated and bereft. (My tweets cross-post to Facebook, too.)

Down with the funk. And not in a good way.

Let’s just say that not all the dark clouds are in the sky. Some of them have come home to roost.

So very proud of my Mercurial Maiden!

She wanted the part of Miss Hannigan in her school’s production of Annie, and she got it!

Itty bitty baby steps.

I’m trying to just keep doing the next thing. I’m trying to stay in the here and now. I’m trying to be kind to myself.

I need my crown.

I’ll have to post about this in more depth one of these days, but I’ve been thinking a lot about sovereignty, personal sovereignty. It’s really important. I need to nurture it.

Argh. Sorry, folks, that’s all I’ve got.

Better luck next week. Thanks for reading.

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