Reverb 10: Wonder.

How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

By looking at the world through the eyes of my daughter. She’s eleven now, not a little girl anymore, but there is still a freshness, a kind of innocence lurking beneath the surface even when she thinks she’s being cynical. When I introduce her to places, stories, ideas, and questions that she has never encountered before, watching her face and listening to her words as she grapples with the new and unfamiliar — there is magic there, and yes, definitely, there is wonder.

Also — and this is something I’ve learned about myself over the years — whenever I find myself craving a sense of wonder, I touch things. I run my hands along the surface of something near, allowing the tactile sensations to enter my fingertips and palms. It brings me into the present moment, and opens me to mystery in the mundane. This always works.

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