Throwing paint at the canvas…

…and hoping it will add up to a semi-coherent post.

Last weekend’s Messiah performances were so exhilirating.

I saw a shooting star last night. Or a meteor. Anyway, it was lovely.

I have been dreaming of a new bicycle.

I’ve been having lots of my Simpler Life fantasies: What if I had only one room in which to live? What if I lived in an RV? What possessions would I keep? How would I pare myself down to the essentials? Journals and pens, guitar and piano (digital and portable, of course, in the RV-version), toiletries, clothes and a bit of jewelry. What else? Anything? A travel mug, maybe. Yes. A very substantial and satisfying travel mug.

I want to blog more.

I made risotto last night. First time, and it won’t be the last.

How can I feel like such a powerful person, and such an utter mess, all at the same time? Something is definitely up.

Everyone in my household has been rising early to have breakfast together on a daily basis. Six ay em. We’ve kept it up for three weeks now — that means it’s an established habit, right? Or is that three months?

I want to clarify something: I am not an utter mess. I just feel like one sometimes. There is a difference, and even in my darkest moments, I know this. And that is a very good thing.


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