Feeling the good kind of tired…

…and hoping it leads to the good kind of sleep.

The four of us went to Mount Storm Lake today, along with our two good friends who are visiting. It took allllllll daaaaaaaaaaay. We drove up and down mountains, through small towns and countryside. An honor guard of towering wind turbines let us know that we were near our destination.

Mount Storm Lake is actually a reservoir that serves as a cooling source for a nearby power plant. Because of this, it’s warm year-round. Today, the air temperature was somewhere in the high 70s; the water temperature was at least ten degrees higher. The lake is also deep, so deep that it’s a popular place for scuba divers.

We all got a bit sunburned, despite our attempts to be careful. It was worth it. Oh, and the sparkles on the water — I wish I’d taken pictures. I keep meaning to get more in the habit of using my cell phone camera, so that I can upload pictures here every now and then. All in good time, I suppose.

We’d had the good sense to prepare dinner in advance; it was waiting for us, the entree in the crock pot and the side dish in the refrigerator.

Tomorrow is Labor Day. I’ll labor then, I promise. Tonight…I sleep.

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