Let’s dish.

I can’t blog tonight. I have to do the dishes.

This recently became, somehow, my chore. (How did that happen? Oh, right: I volunteered.) There were several years in which the Mercurial Maiden was responsible for unloading, loading and running the dishwasher, and I would hand-wash anything that needed it. For a few reasons, I decided that we needed to change that. So, she took over my job of cleaning the litter box, and I took over the dishes.

It is a task worthy of Sisyphus. Dishyphus. That’s me.

Here’s what this daily drag of a chore has been teaching me, so far:
–Most of the time, I can do a better job than the machine. Human error is eclipsed by human awareness and responsiveness.
–There are times when it’s really, really not okay to put things off until tomorrow, because it’s not just about me.
–There are times when it’s really, really okay to ask for help. Just because I’m responsible doesn’t mean I have to do it all myself.
–Clean, uncluttered surfaces and a clear, shining sink are things of beauty. When I make them happen, I am creating beauty.
–We have a really nice kitchen. It has its flaws, but all in all, it’s a comfortable place to be.
–I have an inner control freak.
–Friends who will volunteer to help with the dishes are to be cherished. Friends who will cheerfully co-exist with my inner control freak are pearls beyond price.
–While my body is engaged in repetitive physical activity, my mind is free to travel anywhere.

And that’s just what I can think of without making an effort. I’m sure I could come up with a lot more, if I didn’t have to stop now and do the dishes.


One response to “Let’s dish.

  1. What a lovely, empowering, way to look at things! 🙂

    Thnx for the reminder that, while dishes may be a chore, it is still about creating Beauty.

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