Good day. Busy day. Hey, sometimes they do go together!

I’m tired. It’s mostly the good kind of tired, except that I have the nagging feeling that there’s more I’m supposed to do before I call it a night.

Well, there’s this post, for example. I actually have two or three topic ideas simmering, but right now I don’t feel capable of communicating much beyond bbbbbbbbbbbblt. (It makes more sense if you imagine me waggling my finger across my lower lip.)

I do want to take note of how good this day has felt — and it wasn’t that anything especially cool or unusual happened, either. Typical Monday stuff: work, family, errands, rehearsal. Typical Monday rhythm, which feels like a sort of perpetual motion, although if I think about it, there are points of rest along the way.

I’m becoming more and more convinced that the difference between a good day and a bad day is often far more internally than externally influenced.

Ha! And with that, I find myself beginning to doze off in mid-sentence. I’ll have to chase that thought tomorrow — or maybe sooner, in my dreams.


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