Nearly there…

After today, there are two days remaining in August. Unless something unforeseen happens — and mind you, the unforeseen does have a way of happening every now and then — I will achieve my goal of having blogged every day this month.

Will I keep up this pace? Oh, probably not — but who knows? It is a bit…habit-forming, after all.

I’m nearly at the beginning of a new week, too. Last week was rough, though this weekend has been lovely. I want to believe that the coming week will be better. I want to believe that there’s something I can do to help that happen.

I’m thinking right now about my systems — the things that I do daily, some of which make my life flow more smoothly, some of which create stagnation. The more I think about it, the more certain I am that there are changes I can make that will make things easier. There must be.

Then, too, in my experience, I have found that it can help to change almost anything; it almost doesn’t matter what. Any change will shake things loose, and then who knows what may be possible?


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