So far, so good.

This has been a good day with my weekend house guests. I’d like to understand why, so that I can repeat my success!

Some of it, I suppose, was sheer good luck. There has been little to no friction between the people around me; no one has been angry or upset. That has helped me to stay calm myself, and has spared me from the misguided impulse to try and fix things.

And that, right there, may be a big part of what gets me into trouble at these gatherings: the desire for control. I know, rationally, that I can’t control everything around me; most especially, I can’t control everyone around me.

When I concentrate on managing myself, and stop trying to manage anyone else, things are much easier — and, interestingly enough, there ends up being much less happening that I fear I ought to be managing.

Can I extend this peaceful, easy feeling into tomorrow? Maybe. Probably. I hope so. I will try.


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