Counting coup

…because right now, I think it will be more helpful for me than counting sheep. By “counting coup”, I mean that I am counting victories. I want to take time to acknowledge the things that have gone well for me this weekend, because lately, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the failures and disappointments. So, here goes:

–I paid the electric bill.

–I had a good artist date, early in the day, while I still had energy and a strong sense of possibility.

–In a moment of insecurity, I used my sense of humor very effectively, with excellent results.

–I bought the music for this autumn’s choral performances.

–I saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the World with my family, laughed out loud, and had a wonderful time.

–I did some organizing in my studio.

–I kept up with the chores that needed doing, and was still able to cut myself a bit of slack when I needed that.

–I wrote in my journal. Drew a bit, too.

–I read aloud to my daughter, with great expression and passion.

–I realized that this is only a small sample of the many good and beautiful things that happen in my life daily, even hourly.

–I came up with a topic for today’s blog post, even though at first I thought I couldn’t do it.

–I went to bed when I felt tired. (Good night.)


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