About that parallel universe…

So, I’m thinking that yesterday’s post was a bit of an odd one. Sorry, I didn’t really plan to make it a cliff-hanger; it was just one of those days when I ran out of steam before I could do all the things I’d wanted to do.

Actually, it occurred to me that I might make the parallel universe post a weekly thing, and invite everyone to play along in the comments. You know — like, what are you doing in a parallel universe today?

Anyway. Back to yesterday.

In a parallel universe, yesterday, after my work day was done, I started driving west on U.S. 30, and just kept driving.

I was on my way to Portland, to attend next week’s Rally.

I’d talked it over with my family, and they were supportive. My daughter wished she could come with me, but accepted my promise that she and I would have a road trip adventure together sometime soon. I promised to call and text her often from the road, and to call and text my partners, too. I kept that promise.

No, of course I didn’t try to drive to Portland nonstop! And yes, of course there would have been faster ways to get there, but I didn’t want fast. I wanted to see things — stores, homes, people. (Though it’s entirely possible that somewhere in the middle of the journey, I would consider my progress and the distance/time remaining, say to myself, “Okay, that’s enough of that,” and start looking for faster routes.)

Still — driving time, thinking time. Dreaming time. And lots of it.

Come to think of it, though, in this parallel universe, I probably decided to use a one-way rental car for this trip, and fly home after the rally.

I like road trips. And traveling along the older U.S. highways — that’s something my family and I have dreamed about and discussed. Someday, for example, we may journey the entire length of U.S. 1, from Maine all the way down to Key West.

How about you? In a parallel universe, what would you do? In a parallel universe, what are you doing right now?


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