In which Kat is loved

I’ve been in kind of a dark mood today. I’ve had a setback in my doctoral work, and I’m feeling frustrated, and sad, and angry at myself.

Here, though, are a few good things:

My daughter has been giving me hugs all day, and brimming with eagerness to spend time with me.

One of my partners has been checking in with me at multiple moments throughout the day, offering support and a sympathetic ear.

My other partner, just a few minutes ago, said, “Could you do me a favor, please, and put this on your keyboard?” and handed me a label he’d just made. It says, Kat is loved.

I put it on my space bar.

Oh, and one more thing: I am here, at my computer, calmly continuing to do my work, and doing my best to remember that it can also be play.

In short, each member of my family has been doing loving things for me today — myself included.

This makes it pretty hard to forget how very lucky I am.

Take that, inner demons.


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