It’s only Day 4…

…and already, I’m having a hard time living up to this “blog daily” commitment.

Just saying.

I recall that when I was in the second grade, everyone in my class was required to keep a diary. At that stage, I suspect that their purpose had more to do with handwriting practice than actual composition, but perhaps it was a bit of both. I do remember that we were required to write in these diaries every school day, and if we didn’t know what to write, we were supposed to say, “Dear Diary, I have nothing to write.”

There were some kids who exercised that option every day, of course, but I was never one of them. I could usually manage to say something.

Anyway, I’m here. As I said the other day, it’s an experiment. If we can all survive a few dull entries, with patience and compassion, who knows where it all may lead?

Anyway, thanks for reading. No, seriously. Thank you.


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